true naira loan app

True Naira loan app is a digital loan company that facilitates the availability of instant loans to qualified persons without stress or embarrassment.

In this article, we will evaluate this app, how it works, and how to apply for a loan from the True Naira. Be sure to keep reading.

Overview Of True Naira

Over the years, borrowing money from physical banks was a hard nut to crack. From standing in long queues for hours, providing numerous documents to presenting collateral and property documents.

Regarding these tight and frustrating processes, there has been a tremendous increase in digital loan companies offering loans to citizens without stress.

True Naira is one of those platforms. It is a digital lending platform that offers quick and unsecured loans to eligible individuals.

TrueNaira loans are personal loans which means that they are not given for business purposes but to help individuals solve their emergencies and needs seamlessly.

You can borrow a minimum of NGN2,000 and a maximum of NGN 300,000 from True Naira once you are eligible.

How Does True Naira Work?

True Naira works like other digital lending platforms. To enjoy the services of this platform, you need to download the True Naira loan app from Google Play Store.

Again, you must prove that you are worth the loan by ticking the right boxes of True Naira. We shall explain that better in the subsequent sections of this article. Read on.

True Naira Loan App

The True Naira loan app is a mobile application where True Naira loan company makes its services available to qualified customers.

You can get the loan app from Google Play Store. The app was released on June 10, 2021, with over one million downloads.

In addition, the app has about 3.4-star ratings, six thousand reviews from users, and a portable download size of 9 MB.

The True Naira loan app has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating easier.

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If you wish to borrow money from True Naira, you must get the loan app.

How To Download True Naira Loan App

With your smartphone and a strong internet connection, follow the steps below to download the True Naira loan app;

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Enter “True Naira Loan” in the search bar.
  • Tap “install” to download the app.
  • You are done. The next is to sign up with True Naira by providing your basic details and following the instructions given.

How To Be Eligible For True Naira Loan

To qualify for a True Naira loan, you need to provide the following ;

  1. You must be a resident of Nigeria.
  2. You must not be less than 18 years or above 60 years.
  3. Have a valid bank account with any of the Nigerian commercial banks
  4. Provide your BVN and NIN.
  5. Have a valid means of identification– your voter’s card, driving license, or even passport, provided it is government issued.
  6. Have a stable and legit source (s) of income.

How To Apply For A True Naira Loan

The steps below will guide you to apply and secure your desired loan from True Naira.

  1. Download the True Naira app
  2. Create an account with True Naira.
  3. Proceed to apply for a loan by following the guidelines given by the app.
  4. Upon approval, you will get credited to your bank account.
  5. Build your loan limit every time you repay a loan.

How Much Can I Borrow From True Naira Loan App?

You can borrow as little as NGN2,000 and as much as NGN300,000. That is cool, right? Yes, but you must be eligible for it. Again, you must build your loan limit by repaying your loan before or when due.

True Naira Interest Rate

The annual interest rate of True Naira is relatively low. It is between 16% and 21% with zero service fee.

What Is True Naira Loan Repayment Term?

The loan repayment terms of True Naira are a minimum of 91 days and a maximum of 365 days, although it is flexible and convenient. We advise you to repay your loan before or when due.

How To Contact True Naira

You can reach out to True Naira through any of the following;

– WhatsApp: +234 7048057921

– Head Office Address: Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Is True Naira Legit Or Scam?

The True Naira loan platform is legit. The fact that its app is available on Google Play Store is a valid pointer to its authenticity and genuineness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is True Naira Loan App Registered?

Yes, the app is registered, legit and reliable. This is why it is highly rated and downloaded by users nationwide.


True Naira is a loan platform that is secured. Do not allow yourself to get drained by problems financially when you have True Naira at your corner. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section.