How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk for Free

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk for Free

If you are an MTN subscriber, then there is something special for you. MTN has a special offer called MTN Beta Talk 2023. This deal comes with a super cool 300% extra airtime! This article is here to help you understand how you can switch to this cool plan and enjoy all that extra airtime goodness.

What is MTN Beta Talk?

MTN Beta Talk is like a special deal from MTN, the phone company. It’s for people who use prepaid phones. With Beta Talk, when you put money on your phone, you get even more money as a gift. So, if you recharge with a certain amount, they give you three times that amount as a gift on top of it.

You can use this extra gift money to make calls, send messages, and use the internet on your phone. But you need to use it within a certain time, or it will go away. Just remember, you can’t use this gift money for calling people in other countries or when you’re in a different place.

MTN Beta Talk is a good choice if you want more value for your money and more ways to talk and text on your phone.

Checking If You Can Migrate To MTN Beta Talk

Before you switch in, you need to make sure you can join the MTN Beta Talk plan. Basically, you need to see if you meet their rules. They include;

  • Use a prepaid SIM card.
  • Ensure that you do not have unpaid bills.
  • Have an active SIM Card
  • Have at least. N100 airtime on your phone.
  • And if you’re already on another MTN plan, find out if it will affect your chance to join the Beta Talk fun.
  • If you have to migrate successively within 30 days (a month), you may be charged N100.

Things To Do Before Migrating

Before diving in, here are a few important things to do;

  • Use up any airtime or data bundles you have left from your current plan.
  • Keep your important contacts and stuff safe, just in case (backups).
  • Know if there are any charges or limits when you switch.
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How to Migrate To MTN Beta Talk with 300% Airtime Bonus

Switching to MTN Beta Talk 2023 is like a walk in the park. There are two ways you can do it:

  • Via USSD code
  • Via SMS
  • Via MTN Web

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk Via USSD Code

To enjoy a 300% airtime bonus on the MTN Beta Talk tariff, follow these steps below;

  • Go to your phone dialer
  • Dial *123#
  • Select 2
  • A menu will be shown. Select MTN Beta Talk Plan
  • You will receive an SMS shortly indicating that you have switched to the MTN Beta Talk.

You can also simply dial *123*2*1# on your phone and you will automatically migrate to the MTN Beta Talk plan.

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk Via SMS

Another method of switching to the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan is through SMS. Here is how to do it;

  • Open your phone message box
  • Enter BT
  • And send it to 131
  • You will migrate immediately with a notification confirming it.

How To Migrate To MTN Via MTN Website

For online migration, do these;

  • Login to
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter OTP and select ‘Proceed’.
  • On the top right corner of the home page, click your name.
  • Select My Plan.
  • Select Other Plans.
  • Select MTN BetaTalk.

How To Use the MTN Beta Talk 300% Extra Airtime

The best part of Beta Talk is the 300% extra airtime surprise. This means when you put credit on your phone, you get three times more, but remember:

  • You need to use the extra airtime before it disappears after some time.
  • You can’t use it to call people in other countries or when you’re traveling.
  • You can use it for calling, texting, and even using the internet.

Tips and Things to Remember

Before you make the switch, remember:

  • Think about how much you talk on the phone and use the internet to see if this plan is right for you.
  • Watch out for any extra costs or rules you should know about.
  • Keep in mind that switching plans might change some things you’re used to.

For an easy switch:

  • Learn the USSD code
  • Keep an eye on how much of the extra airtime you’re using.
  • Stay updated in case MTN makes any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch to Beta Talk if I’m already using another MTN plan?

Most of the time, yes. But it’s good to double-check if you can and if it will change your old plan.

How long can I use the extra airtime?

You have a certain number of days to use it. Don’t wait too long or it might disappear.

How do I migrate from MTN extra value to MTN Beta Talk?

Simply dial *123*2*1# or text BT to 131. You will receive a confirmation SMS within a few minutes of dialing or texting.

How can I  activate MTN Beta Talk?

To activate or migrate to MTN Beta Talk, simply dial *123*2*1#.


Switching to MTN Beta Talk 2023 is one of the best things to do as an MTN subscriber. By following the steps in this article, you’ll get the amazing 300% extra airtime bonus.

Pay attention to the tips we listed in this article and ensure that you have an active MTN SIM card. Enjoy your bonus!