squad by gtco

Squad by GTCO is one of the innovations in the business sector. If you want to manage different businesses in one place and also perform other functions, then Squad is the best bet.

We understood that many do not know what Squad is all about, while those who have, have little knowledge of it.

It is because of this that our research team took out time to research about Squad, and the results are what we will share with you in this article. Read on.

Overview Of Squad

Squad is a payment solution offered by HabariPay Limited– a subsidiary of GTBank, to businesses. This aim is to aid them in receiving payments and also making payments conveniently– anywhere and anytime. With Squad, businesses can comfortably manage their business accounts in one place without hassle.

In addition, you do not need to be a registered business before you can explore these goodies. And not just about payments, Squad makes it possible for businesses to grow using the tools provided.

How Does Squad By GTCO work?

Squad is a means through which businesses make all kinds of payments. To start enjoying premium services, you need to sign up by creating a squad account– we will explain that in one of the subsequent sections of this article.

With Squad, you can;

  1. Accept and initiate payments online or via social media using our payment links, e-invoices, and storefront features.
  2. Receive and confirm in-store transfers instantly using our Virtual account service.
  3. Get unique USSD codes for your business to receive payments.
  4. Use your mobile phone to accept card payments by downloading the squad app. This feature is handy if you do not have a POS terminal (Please note that the mobile phone must be NFC enabled).

Services Offered By Squad

Squad offers different services. Below are the common and significant services.

  1. E-commerce
  2. Payment paths
  3. SquadPOS
  4. Payment links


Signing up on Squad allows you to market your products or services in the Habari Deals Market. All for free with no maintenance cost.

Payment Paths

Squad provides payment gateways for its users. They are; credit and debit cards, USSD, and bank transfers.

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SquadPOS is another fantastic service offered by Squad GTCO. Here, businesses can receive payments with cards from their customers without POS or any other hardware but directly from their mobile devices.

Payment Links

By signing up on Squad, you can generate customer payment links. There are various links;

  1. Recurring payment links for installment payments
  2. Simple payment links for one-time e payment
  3. Product payment links specifically for each product
  4. Donation links for fundraising.

How To Sign Up On Squad

To enjoy the services of Squad, you have to sign up first. Whether you are a registered business or not, you can simply explore Squad for your business. The following are the steps to doing so;

  1. Go to Squad Official Website
  2. Once you open the link, a form will be shown. Complete the form by supplying the correct information about you.
  • Your name
  • Your business name
  • Phone number
  • Email address.
  1. After that, you must create a strong password for privacy and security.
  2. Submit your application upon satisfaction.

After logging into Squad. We advise you to upgrade your KYC to avoid limitations by doing the following;

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Verify your phone number
  3. Enter your NIN
  4. Verify your BVN
  5. Enter a verifiable physical address
  6. Add other business details
  7. Link your bank account
  8. Create a USD account (if necessary).

How To Contact Squad By GTCO

If you wish to reach out to Squad for anything, kindly do so by filling out this support form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Squad by GTCO?

Squad by GTCO is a payment solution for businesses. This means that businesses can make and receive payments from anywhere globally, whether registered or not.

Who owns Squadco?

Squad is operated and managed by HabariPay Limited. A subsidiary of GTBank. This company oversees payment problems.

How does Squad POS work?

The SquadPOS enables businesses to turn their mobile devices into terminals. Hence, creating the possibility of cashless payments without POS or other hardware.

How do you use Squad POS?

To use the SquadPOS effectively, do the following;

  1. Launch the app and click on the login button. You can download the app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Provide your registered email address and authenticate.
  3. Create your password, then continue.
  4. Select the menu and the Purchase icon.
  5. Enter the transaction amount.
  6. Tap your customer’s NFC-enabled card behind your device.
  7. Payment is successful!


Squad by GTCO is a payment solution for every business. You can comfortably transact and manage your business seamlessly. In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about this innovation.

We also answered some of the frequently asked questions. If there are any questions you may have but were not answered in this article, feel free to ask in the comments section.