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The Sokoloan USSD code is another means of accessing instant loans on Sokoloan. If you are interested in knowing the Sokoloan used code, this article is precisely what you need to read carefully.

We understand that you may not have a strong internet connection to navigate the mobile app or website. Hence we are set out to show you how to use this instant code to apply for a loan from sokoloan. Read on.

Overview Of Sokolaon 

Sokoloan, fully registered as Soko Lending Company Limited, is a legit microfinance financial institution founded in 2018.

This online lending platform is one of the reliable loan platforms that offer quick loans to the public anytime and anywhere.

Sokoloan offers short-term loans to the public upon meeting the stipulated criteria for eligibility.

They offer this financial aid through various means, which include the mobile application and possibly website and USSD code. However, much emphasis will be laid on the USSD code. Be sure to keep reading.

Required Documents For Obtaining Sokoloan

The first step towards getting a sokoloan loan is ensuring that you are eligible. This can be done by providing the following;

  • Valid bank account with any of the commercial banks.
  • An active phone number
  • Bank verification number (BVN)
  • Active email address.
  • An android phone that can access the internet.
  • A valid means of identification. This could be your national ID, passport, driver’s license, Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), or NIN.
  • Valid atm card; this is specifically for refund.

Criteria For Obtaining Sokoloan 

To be able to access a loan from Sokolaon, you must meet the following criteria;

  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria and also lives in Nigeria.
  • It would be best if you have a stable means of livelihood. Yes, a reliable source of income.
  • You must not be less than 20 years.
  • You must be willing to repay your loan when due.
  • You must show enough credibility.
  • You must be eager to accept the terms and conditions of the loan.

How To Obtain A Loan From Sokoloan 

The steps below will help you get an instant loan from Sokoloan seamlessly;

Be eligible 

The most important aspect of obtaining from Sokoloan and other loan platforms is ensuring that you are qualified for the loan you opt for.

Download the mobile app 

The next step is downloading the Sokoloan mobile app from Google Play Store. Amazingly, this mobile app is user-friendly and has a friendly interface.

To download the app from the  Google Play store, follow the guidelines below;

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search for the app in the search bar.
  • Click on “install” once you find it, and it will be downloaded.
  • The next is to launch the app and follow the next step.


Registering on Sokoloan also means signing in. Once you launch the app, you will be asked to provide basic information about yourself, like your phone number, email address, and password.

Furthermore, you will be asked to verify your phone number. This way, they can be sure that your registration is successful and that you are in charge.

Make A Loan Application

After signing in on Sokoloan, check the menu feature and apply for a loan.

Be careful about your application. This is to avert loan rejection.

Submit Your Application 

After ensuring that you are satisfied with your loan application, repayment plan, and other necessary terms and conditions, submit your application and wait on the review of the management team.

Get Paid 

If your loan application is successful, you will get credited within a few minutes of loan approval. For rejections, you will be notified by Sokoloan with the reason (s) behind the denial.

However, if you follow everything we listed above, you will have a higher chance of loan approval than rejection.

Sokoloan USSD Code

USSD code is a short code that one can use to access different services. Talking about the Sokoloan USSD code, unfortunately, Sokoloan does not have any USSD code at the time of writing this article.

However, we will keep you posted about any change the platform makes, hopefully in no distant time.

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Therefore, the only way to get an instant loan from Sokoloan is through the mobile loan app, which is available only in Google Play Store for Android users.

How Much Can I Borrow From Sokoloan? 

Generally, one can borrow as low as N5,000 and as much as N100,000 from Sokoloan.

Remember that this kind of loan is not a long-term but a short-term personal loan. Hence, the credit limit.

In addition, you can only have access to a loan worth N100,000 on Sokoloan if you have been consistent on the app and are faithful to the terms and conditions, which include repayment of the loan when due.

Therefore, as a first-time user, your credit limit may be below N100,000, but with your faithfulness, it will increase with time. We advise you to repay your loan on or before the deadline.

What Is Sokoloan Interest Rate? 

Sokoloan interest rate depends heavily on how much you borrowed and the tenure chosen by you since the repayment plan is flexible.

However, in general, the interest rate of Sokoloan is between 4.5% and 35%.

What Is Sokoloan Repayment Term? 

The Sokoloan is flexible and comfortable for an average Nigerian, as we noted earlier.

Since the loan is a short-term loan, the repayment tenure is between 7 days and 190 days.

How To Repay Sokoloan 

The only way to repay Sokoloan is to use the Sokoloan app the same way you applied for it. Search for the loan repayment feature in the app and follow the guidelines.

Again, you can reach out to them via their customer care email address and phone number or even their head office (the email address, phone number, and head office address are below this article. Keep reading) to seek directions on how to repay your loan if you do not want to use the mobile app or you are finding it difficult to use the app.

Above all, if you have difficulty repaying your loan through the app, reach out to them immediately to avoid the management team deducting money from the bank account linked to Sokoloan.

What Happens If I Do Not Repay My Loan On Time? 

If you do not meet up with the repayment term and you did not bother to reach out to them, as we explained before, Sokoloan will automatically deduct the sum from your bank account linked to Sokoloan.

Hence, remain faithful to the terms and conditions to avoid possible penalties.

How To Contact Sokoloan 

We said something about reaching out to Sokoloan to make inquiries and lodging complaints; below are the various means to reach out to Sokoloan;

Head Office Address: 9, Acme Road, Agidingbi Ikeja, Lagos

Customer support phone number: 01-4536792 or 08148799371.

Customer support email address:  or


Frequently Asked Questions 

In this article section, we will be answering some of the most asked questions by people. We believe that they will be helpful to you. Keep reading and pay close attention.

How do I borrow from Sokoloan? 

Borrowing from Sokoloan is simple and seamless. All you have to do is to follow the steps below;

  • Be eligible for the loan
  • Search for the app on Google Play Store.
  • Download the app
  • Register or sign up on the app
  • Then apply for your desired loan. Remember, you can access between N5,000 and N100, 000 however, as a first-time user, you will have a small credit limit.
  • Submit your loan application
  • Get paid within a few minutes of loan approval.

How Much Can I Borrow From Sokoloan At First? 

You can borrow up to N100, 000 worth of loans from Sokoloan. However, you can not access up to that amount your first time.

Your credit limit, which is how much you can borrow, is small and will increase with time, provided you repay your loans when due.

Is Sokoloan Still Available? 

Yes, Sokoloan is still available. However, from our research team, Sokoloan has a difficult time which will be fixed quickly.

Why Is Sokoloan Loan Not On Google Play Store? 

Sokoloan is not on Google Play Store at the moment due to some challenges that will be rectified considering the feedback from our research team. We will keep you posted on any changes on Sokoloan. Keep tabs on our site.

Is Sokoloan Still Functioning? 

Yes, Sokoloan is still functioning. However, they are facing some challenges, which will be rectified quickly.

Is Sokoloan Registered? 

Sokoloan was founded in 2018 as Soko Lending Company Limited. Since it was established, they have been performing well by offering instant, short-term personal loans to people.

What Is Sokoloan USSD Code? 

Sokoloan has no USSD code at the time of writing this article. However, we will notify you of any updates on that.

Which Company Is Sokoloan? 

Sokoloan is a digital lending platform that offers short-term personal loans to eligible individuals anytime and anywhere.

Where Is Sokoloan Head Office? 

Sokoloan head office is at 9 Acme Road, Agidingbi Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


Sokoloan is one digital lending platform that will help you with an instant loan without collateral or paperwork.

In this article, we have outlined everything you need to know about this loan and how to apply for the instant loan on Sokoloan.

We also answered some frequently asked questions. Remember, if you have questions we did not answer, please, feel free to use the comments section. We will respond swiftly.