pillow funds

Pillow fund is the future of savings and investment. The world is getting digitized, if not digitized already. The banking and finance sector is not left out. This means people can comfortably save and make investments without visiting the banks.

In Nigeria, many platforms are helping Nigerians to save and invest their money wisely for the future.

Out of these platforms, Pillow Fund is one of the giants. If you lack the correct information about this platform or want to know more about this platform, this article is precisely what you need.

In this article, we will share everything you need to know about this platform without mincing words. Keep reading.

Overview Of Pillow

Pillow funds, as we mentioned earlier, is one of the giants in asset management. It was established in 2021 and founded by Arindam Roy, Kartik Mishra, and Rajath KM.

It is a platform offering digital asset management to help its users get good returns on their assets seamlessly. Talking about crypto, Pillow provides an opportunity for users to have the best returns on their crypto.

Pillow encourages users to save their digital assets in USD-backed cryptocurrencies from the comfort of a mobile application.

Pillow has already made an enormous mark in liberating Africa and Nigeria from the pangs of poverty and crumbling economy.

This platform has over 100 000 users across 60+ countries in the world. In Nigeria, they seek to level the ground for Nigerians to see the need to leverage cryptocurrencies. Yes, you earn from saving and making investments on the platform.

“Pillow truly aspires to reward a culture of savings and financial discipline in Nigeria, where young, hardworking, ambitious Nigerians are able to take control of their finances, achieve their life goals and work towards financial freedom. And we’re creating a suite of high-quality, secure, & transparent financial products that will grant our users access to global economic opportunities and let them take control of their finances”, according to Arindam Roy, CEO of Pillow.

How Does Pillow Work?

We noted earlier that Pillow is a digital asset management platform that helps its users to have good returns on their assets. We can also say that Pillow is a Save, Invest And Earn platform.

You earn good interest by depositing funds with Pillow and investing with them. Above all,  users can make about a 14% interest rate per annum on their deposits.

Pillow makes returns by investing the users’ funds into the best blue-chip Defi protocols on blockchain networks. Pillow has a dedicated research team of experts and advisors looking at 500+ protocols across 10+ chains.

This way, they discover the best and safest protocols to invest the users’ savings.

Pillow Fund Mobile App

The Pillow fund mobile app is where all the products and services rendered by Pillow are available.

To save, invest and earn with Pillow, you need to download this mobile app. The Pillow mobile app is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has an excellent interface.

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The app is highly rated on Google Play Store (3+), with 4.8 stars, over 1,000 reviews from users, and over 100000 downloads.

Another unique feature of this app is that it is sizable and requires not more than 25 MB to download.

How To Download Pillow Mobile App (APK)

To download the Pillow mobile app, follow the steps below;

  • Open your phone and head to Google Play Store.
  • Go to the search bar and enter “Pillow.”
  • The app has a feather-like logo in white and black color.
  • Download the app quickly.

Facts About Pillow

Pillow is a fantastic platform. The following are rare facts about this mobile app ;

  • Pillow allows its users to save, invest, and also earn. This way, they aim to help revamp the moribund economy of the country and also enhance the standard of living of the masses. Again, you do not need to suffer from inflation. You can easily convert your money to Dollars on Pillow.
  • Registration on Pillow is quick and easy. All you need is your national document and email address. You do not need a property doctor or much paperwork to get registered.
  • Pillow also offers solid interest rates. They allow you earn about 14% per annum on your savings while ensuring the safety of your funds and digital assets.
  • You can earn daily on Pillow from your investments. You do not have to wait until the month or year ends before getting credited.

How To Get Started On Pillow

To get started on Pillow, you need to ensure that your national documents are ready and that you have an active email address.

Once these are intact, follow the steps below to get started on Pillow;

  1. Sign up on the app with your email address.
  2. Complete your KYC
  3. After that, proceed to make your first deposit. You can start with any amount provided it is not less than N1,000.
  4. You can also start investing and stand a chance to earn daily and up to 14% interest per annum.
  5. You can also invest in other products or assets offered by the platform.

How To Withdraw Funds From Pillow Wallet To Your Wallet

The following steps will guide you to withdraw funds from the Pillow wallet to yours. Stay tuned.

  • Select the case
  • Enter the address and amount of funds you want to withdraw. Ensure that the address and network of the funds are correct. If they are wrong, you are likely to lose your funds permanently.
  • Click on ” withdraw.”
  • Check your email to confirm the withdrawal with OTP sent to your registered email address.

How Can I Contact Pillow?

You can contact pillow with the following;

Support: support@pillow.fund

Website: https://www.pillow.fund/ng

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can I Deposit On Pillow?

You can deposit any amount, but your first deposit should not be less than N1,000.

What Is The Interest Rate On Pillow?

You can earn daily on pillow. However, you can earn up to 14% interest rate on your investments per annum.

How Safe Are My Funds With Pillow Fund?

With Pillow find, your funds are a hundred percent secured. All assets deposited to Pillow are securely stored with the platform’s custody partner, BitGo.

Additionally, all deposits in custody are protected against any incidents with a $250 million insurance policy, thereby ensuring the safety of user funds at all times.


We have come to the end of this article. We’re confident that you know everything about the Pillow fund now. Instead of allowing your finances to suffer from inflation, it’s wise to save, invest and earn with Pillow. Feel free to ask your questions. We shall be in the comments section to answer them swiftly.