In Nigeria, it is well known that the northern part of the country is known for its great farming activities. This is why the federal government made provisions for them.

In this article, we will discuss extensively what the NECAS loan is all about, how to apply for the NECAS loan easily, requirements for the NECAS loan, and most especially, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions you may have. Stay tuned.

Overview of the NECAS Loan

The northern part of the country is well endowed with vast lands that have, over the years, been used for agricultural produce, and they have almost become the local food source of the nation.

The Federal government saw the need to empower more agricultural farmers due to the vast availability of land to help increase farmers’ food products, which is why the federal government introduced this loan scheme.

This NECAS loan is an initiative of the federal government of Nigeria and the central bank of Nigeria to empower and equip all interested farmers, especially those in large-scale agriculture farming, with the needed resources and machines that will help to boost the agricultural products of those farmers.

Furthermore, NECAS stands for North East Commodity Association. In addition to giving farmers the needed loan to scale up their farming produce, this loan platform equips them with the requisite knowledge for large-scale agriculture in the country.

Farmers, through this loan, are provided with tractors and other mechanization services for farmers.

However, the farmers get to pay back the loan as they progress and start selling agricultural products.

The overall aim of this loan is to help improve farmers’ outputs, increase the number of farmers, equip them with the right knowledge and machines and thereby increase the overall productivity of farmers.

How To Apply For The NECAS Loan

To apply for the NECAS loan for farmers, you need to do the following things; missing any of them will lead to the automatic disqualification of your loan application from the platform, as these loans are given to committed farmers to make the most out of it. Stay tuned and pay close attention.

  • Join the NECAS group and platforms around you
  • Become an active member of the platform
  • Wait till it’s time to access the loan

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Join the NECAS group and platforms around you

The first thing you need to do is to join the NECAS platforms around you. Before you’re eligible to join, you must ensure that you’re from the country’s North East, where large-scale farming is done.

You will equally need to state why you need the loan, what you need it for, and how you intend to pay back the money from the loan you intend to take.

Become An Active Member

After you’ve joined a platform, the next thing is to be active on the platform. Being active entails participating in group activities, answering questions when necessary, and attending group programs when and if necessary.

To a large extent, it may even require you to inform and invite other large-scale farmers who require such loans to help them expand and grow their businesses, thereby making more income.

Wait Till it’s Time To Access The Loan

The next thing is for you to wait till it’s time to access the loan. When the loan is out or accessible, you will be informed through your group.

During your application process, you should ensure you provide all the necessary information the way it should be, and all information should be well documented and submitted.

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When and where you need to write about your intention for the loan, you should write as clearly as possible and always remember to go straight to the point. What you write in that section will largely determine if your application will be accepted and the loan will be granted.

Eligibility Requirements To Obtain A NECAS Loan

For you to take a loan from the NECAS platform, you need to provide and meet the following requirements. Missing any requirements will lead to automatic disqualification from your application process. Stay tuned and pay close attention.

  • The first requirement is that you must be a farmer, and your area of residence in the country must be in the northeast. In addition, you must be involved in large-scale agriculture.
  • The second requirement is that you must be an active member of the NECAS platform or group; what this means is that you must attend all the meetings, you must get involved in all the activities, visibility is great, you will make more friends and stand a higher chance of your application being accepted.

Be communicative with your group members, and this will go a long way to help you know if any other requirements may be needed before and during the application process. Keep in touch, too, to know when the application process will commence.

How To Contact the NECAS Platform

There are numerous ways to contact this loan platform; in this section, we will list out some of the easiest ways, which are;

  • Address: No 12 Bekaji Road Opposite Bekaji primary school, jimeta Yola, Adamawa.
  • Phone number: You can easily contact the platform via this line: 080-NECAS.
  • Email address; You can reach them at the email address;
  • Official website;

Note: when contacting this loan platform through the above addresses and contact, you need to go straight to the point; if it’s through the email provided, you must state your reason for reaching out to them concisely.

Another important factor to note is that you must show your English proficiency level when contacting the platform through the email address. Your usage of English must be correct and straight to the point, and it’s another indicator to measure your eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for the NECAS Loan if I’m not from the North East area of the country?

When it comes to the application for the NECAS Loan, if you’re not from the northeast part of the country, then you’re not eligible to apply for this loan.

Another factor that must be considered is that if you’re not involved in a large farming system where you produce large agricultural produce for the masses, you are not eligible to apply for this loan.

Do I need collateral for this loan?

This is one of the benefits of this NECAS loan platform. They’re in partnership with the central bank of Nigeria; under the order of the federal government of Nigeria, this loan is offered to farmers involved with large-scale agriculture.

The aim of this loan, as we’ve rightly said, is to help the farmers, so you do not need collateral to apply.

If you meet a few requirements and present the documents, one thing that will largely determine if you’d be given is the nature of your essay. The better it is, the higher your chances of getting admitted.

Will I be taught how to use the machines?

The NECAS loan platform will provide all farmers with the knowledge that will aid them in farming better and getting better outputs.

If you don’t have sufficient knowledge as a farmer in using sophisticated machines to increase your productivity, you will be taught by the platform and equally shown how to use the machines.

This loan is given solely to help farmers, which will, in turn, help in the food products in the country; this is why you will be taught how to use each and any machine purchased for your usage.

What happens if I don’t pay back the loan?

Before you take a loan from the NECAS platform, they must have checked your ability to repay the loan.

You will equally be taught how to farm large-scale farming, and you will be provided with the resources; chances are that you will most likely pay back the loan.

Bottom Line

NECAS is a loan scheme that you can leverage as a farmer, especially if you live in the Northern part of the country. We have outlined everything you need to know about the NECAS loan, the requirements, and how to apply for it. We are confident that this is worth your time. Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section.