Top 5 Legit Investment Apps to Save and Grow in Nigeria

Imagine having an app that helps you save and invest your money to make it bigger. Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article. We’ll explore the top 5 real and trustworthy apps that can help you save and invest your money in Nigeria.

These apps are like secret keys to making your money grow, and they’re easy to use. Get ready to discover how these apps can make your money work harder for you, right from the comfort of your home or office with your device.

Why Should You Save And Grow Money In Investment Apps?

One of the great things about investment apps is that they are designed to be simple and user-friendly. You can manage your investments anytime, anywhere, right from your device. More like having your own bank in your pocket.

In addition, these apps often give you choices. You can pick where to put your money, spreading it across different places. This is good because if one investment is not doing well, the others might be doing great. The best is to balance your risks.

And guess what? Some apps even help you learn as you invest. They offer educational resources that help you understand how investing works. So, not only are you growing your money, but you’re also growing your financial knowledge.

Most importantly, remember that while investment apps have plenty of benefits, there is also a level of risk involved. The value of your investments can go up and down. That’s why it’s important to do your research, ask questions, and start small and grow from there.

So, if you’re ready to take your money to the next level, investment apps might just be what you need.

Top 5 Legit Investment Apps To Save And Grow In Nigeria

There are many apps you can utilize to grow your money and increase your finances. However, we will only discover the top 5. They are;

  • Cowrywise
  • Investify
  • Piggyvest
  • Risevest
  • I-invest

Keep reading as we explain each app below.


People who want a simple way to start investing like Cowrywise. It’s easy to use, and you can start with just a little money. Plus, people like the choices they offer for your money.

Cowrywise offers you different ways to make your money grow. They have choices like mutual funds and savings plans that fit how much risk you’re okay with. This means you can start with a little money and still have a chance to earn more.

To get started with Cowrywise, all you have to do is download the app and sign up. After that, you can pick a plan that matches your goals. Then, you can put in money regularly from your bank account. The app is easy to understand, showing you how your money is doing over time.

Pros: If you’re new to investing, Cowrywise is great. You don’t need a lot of money to start, and they help you invest it smartly. They also have lessons to teach you about money.

Cons: If you want to choose specific companies to invest in, like buying shares of Apple or Amazon, Cowrywise might not be able to do that.


People who want someone to help them invest like Investify. It’s simple and it helps you even if you don’t know much about money.

Investify is like having your own money guide. They look at what you’re comfortable with and what you want to do with your money. Then, they create a plan just for you. They have different things like stocks (which are like owning parts of companies), bonds (which are like lending money to companies), and also real estate.

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To start with Investify, you answer some questions. This helps them understand what’s good for you Then, they make a plan for your money. You can see how your money is doing and make changes if you need to.

Pros: If you’re not sure how to start investing, Investify is a good choice. They make it easy for you. They also teach you about how investing works.

Cons: If you want to pick your own companies to invest in, like buying shares of Google or Facebook, Investify might not do that.


The next investment app is Piggyvest. People like PiggyVest because it’s easy. You can save money and invest it too. They also like how you can support different things with your money.

PiggyVest is good for both saving and investing. They even let you support different things like farming and real estate. It’s like using your money to help create things.

To get started, first, you sign up. Then, you can put money in your savings or invest it in other things they have. You can also make it so they add money for you regularly.

Pros: PiggyVest is good if you want to save money and invest it at the same time. It’s easy to use and you can even earn extra money from your savings.

Cons: If you want to do more complicated investing, like picking different companies, PiggyVest might not do that.


This is for abroad investment. People who want to invest outside Nigeria like Risevest. It’s easy to start, and you can make your money safer by having it in different countries.

Risevest helps you invest your money in different countries, not just Nigeria. This is good because if things change in Nigeria, your money might still be safe in other places.

To start with Risevest, you sign up on the app with your details. Then, you answer some questions. This helps them know what’s best for you. After that, they make a plan for your money. You can watch how your money is doing and change things if you want.

Pros: Risevest is good if you want to invest in other places outside Nigeria. This can help make your money safer because it’s in different countries.

Cons: But, if things change in the world, your money might be affected too because it’s in different countries.


People who want to be safe with their money like I-invest. It’s easy to do, and the government bonds they offer are known to be safe.

I-invest helps you safely invest your money. They focus on things like government bonds, which are like safe loans you give to the government. It’s a bit like helping the government and getting back extra money for it.

To start with I-invest, you must create an account. Then, you can join something called government bond auctions. This is where the government asks people to lend them money. You say how much you want to lend and how much extra you want back.

Pros: I-invest is good if you want to invest safely. It’s like giving the government a little bit of money and getting more money back later.

Cons: But, if you want to try more risky investments or own different parts of companies, this app might not be what you’re looking for.


These apps can be a big help for growing your money. They let you save and invest in a new and easy way.

But, just like with anything important, it’s good to be careful. Investing can be a bit tricky sometimes, and it’s important to understand how it works. Remember to take your time, learn, and ask questions. These apps can be like your partners in your journey to financial freedom.

They can help you save for the things you want and make your money grow. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. Happy saving!