kredi bank app

Kredi bank an online app you can use to apply for loans and savings. One of the best and most efficient ways to access all your banking services in one place with ease is by using the kredi baking app.

One of the most important features of this banking app is that it allows you to make all your bank transactions no matter where you are, in one place.

In addition to this, you can easily apply for a loan on this banking app without collateral. In this article, we will discuss extensively what the kredi banking app is all about, how you can apply for a loan, and some of the requirements, most especially, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Overview of the Kredi Bank App

When you talk of the best and leading online financial organization, the kredi banking system comes to mind.

Every company has a vision and a mission, the goal of the online financial company is to help small to medium size businesses get the loan they need to grow and take their businesses to the next level.

This bank was established in 2010 and is being managed by the kredimoney microfinance bank.

Furthermore, over a decade in operation, this banking service has earned a name for itself as one of the most reputable banking services in Nigeria that is solely into serving the masses.

In addition, you can take a loan from this platform without collateral, all this added to make this banking platform one of the best in Nigeria. The next thing we will discuss is the type of offer that this financial company offers to individuals.

What Products Does Kredi Offer?

Kredi online banking service offers three major products to consumers, these products are like three Categories of which the online financial platform offers help to the public and serves them better. These three major products are;

  • Kredi savings
  • Kredi loan
  • Kredi Digital Banking Services.

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Kredi Savings

This is a category of an online financial platform that allows you to save your money with them in exchange for a good return.

This category of services offered by the kredi banking platform to the masses is a way to help them save better while adding interest for them.

This category of product is divided into four are they are;

  • Kredi daily savings; This category of Kredi savings allows individuals to save money daily on the platform, there’s a stipulated amount of interest that will accumulate over time as you save. This category of Kredi savings has helped many Nigerians.
  • Kredi vault: This is a category whereby you’re at liberty to lock your money on the online financial platform for a specific period, after which you will gain a certain amount of interest. You can choose to lock a substantial amount of money on the platform and eat only the returns on investment. This is the category most well-to-do people go for.
  • Kredi Pot; If you’re having a problem setting and achieving your financial goals, here’s the time to do it. This category of Kredi banking services allows you to save and work towards your goals and earn interest on the money invested as you go.
  • Kredi Edupot: When it comes to entrusting the future of the education of your kids and never worrying about how to pay their school fees, the kredi Edupot is there to guide you. All you need to do is to save a specific amount of money which will accumulate interest for you over time, and enable you to pay the fees of your children happily.

Kredi Loans

We have extensively discussed Kredi savings, now we will discuss in detail the next category which is kredi Loans.

This is one of the categories of Kredi banking services that help individuals and businesses obtain loans that will help them to facilitate and grow their businesses. The credit loan is divided into four parts and they are;

  • Kredi SME( Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise). This category of Kredi banking services allows individuals and business owners to take loans from the platform without any need for collateral. The loan application and approval are very easy and convenient for all, as a business owner you can borrow from 10 to 5 million naira and it will be credited to your standard banking account immediately after it’s approved.
  • Kredi Nano- Loan; As the name implies, the Nano-loans are small short time loans given to businesses or individuals, especially during the time of emergency, this loan allows you to borrow as Hugh as #100,000 from the platform and this does not depend on whether you earn a salary or not, provided you meet the requirements, the loan will be given to you immediately.
  • Kredi Salary -Backed loan; This is a category that was established solely for salary earners. This is one of the most sought after category of loan offered by this platform, as salary earners you can borrow up to #5 million with a repayment option of 18 months, one of the reasons why most people prefer this one is the fact that the interest rate is very small and it is something that anyone who earns salary can borrow and repay at the specific time.
  • Kredi Collateral – Backed Loan; This category of loan is a special one, it is only for those who are backed up by collateral which will act as a security for them to be able to take a loan from the platform. But one of the advantages is the fact that you can take a very substantial amount of loan from this platform using your collateral.
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Kredi Digital Banking Services

There are so many digital services that are offered by the kredi online banking platform, these are for your convenience to enable you to pay your bills, top up your airtime, buy data, and do other bank transactions.

How To Obtain A Loan From The Platform

To be able to obtain a loan from the kredi app platform you need to follow the simple step below;

  • You need to make sure you have a strong data connection and go to the play store app on your phone.
  • Search for a kredi banking app, it will pop up then download and install the app.
  • Open and create an account by registering as a new member.
  • The next thing you need to do is to apply for a loan on the app. There are several categories of loan you can apply for, choose your preference, you will be asked to provide all the necessary information, and fill everything in correctly, your BVN is one of the most important numbers you must have in mind, you will be required to fill it in directly, it will be used as a medium to check your eligibility of the loan you intend to borrow from the platform.

How to Download Kredi Bank App (APK)

Kredi microfinance bank app can be downloaded via google playstore and apple app store. Their Apps can be use for transactions since they have been approved by the central bank of Nigeria. So you can head over to google play store or app store for download.

Kredi Bank USSD Code

Currently kredi bank does not have a USSD CODE for  transactions. we will update this content anytime we get any information about kredi bank UUS code.

Kredi Bank Customer Service Contact and Address

There are so many ways to contact the kredi platform and some of the most effective ways are as follows;

  • Through their official address which is plot 8, Babatunde Anjous Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state, Nigeria.
  • Phone Number; +23418885556, or +23418885558
  • The email address is;
  • The official website is;

Frequently Asked Questions

How Good is the kredi online banking platform?

The platform is one of the best in the country, with over a million downloads and thousands of reviews, it is safe to say that they’re among the best online banking services in Nigeria.

In addition, they have different subcategories that anyone can choose from, which helps to make it convenient and easy for anyone to access, this shows how good the banking platform is.

Is Kredi Bank Legit?

Kredi Bank is a legit microfinance banking platform registered and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria with the registration number RC 878594. We have close relationship with them and we have use them so you can you can trust Kredi bank with your loans and savings.

What will happen if I don’t pay back the loan I borrowed?

If you apply for a loan and it gets accepted and after the agreed period you could not pay back the loan, a period of grace will be given to you, after which if you don’t pay back, the online banking platform will come after you with all they’ve got, to the extreme your important online transactions may be banned.

Is It only for Nigerians?

Yes, the online banking platform is specifically for Nigerians, if you are not a citizen of the country, you cannot apply for a loan and get approved. All we’re saying is that you must be a resident of the country to apply for a loan on this platform.


Kredi bank is indeed one of the best platforms for all your digital transactions. In this article, we have laid bare everything you need to know about this bank and we are confident that your intent of reading has been satisfied. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section. We shall respond swiftly.