How to Retrieve BVN Without a Phone Number

Are you worried that you have lost your BVN sim card number and may be defrauded? Do you want to know how to retrieve your BVN and change the number you used to register for the Bank Verification Number?

Be rest assured that you will get the necessary information you need to help you with that and other relevant information as regards your BVN for a better banking experience on this blog. Carefully read down.

Overview Of BVN

While it’s evident that everyone who is a bank customer knows what BVN is, let’s quickly understand a few things about BVN.

The Bank Verification Number(BVN) is an 11-digit code introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2015 to all banks registered with them. The BVN was made to ensure that every bank’s customer has a uniqueness that makes it difficult for a case of mistaken identity and reduces the rate of fraudulent attempts. Every customer is strongly advised not to expose the number unnecessarily.

Why BVN?

Your Bank Verification Number is as important as your account number because it is needed for certain transactions to be completed successfully. Therefore you do not want to leave any chance for it to get to the hands of scammers or hackers so that your money can be safe.

If you have lost your phone number, you must retrieve the BVN as soon as possible and change the phone number that links to your BVN with another one. Relax and read on to gather the information necessary to get this done.

Please note that once registered, you can only have one BVN. But you can always retrieve it if you forget it or lose the sim card number.

How To Retrieve Your BVN Without a Phone Number

The world is changing drastically, and technology is improving every day. Almost everything has gone online. It will impress you that retrieving your BVN online is not excluded. To recover your BVN without a phone number, here are some simple methods;

  • Through mobile banking apps
  • Through internet banking
  • By using a different phone number
  • Through a visit to the bank

How To Retrieve Your BVN Without Phone Number Through The Mobile Banking App

All bnks in Nigeria have mobile banking apps which enable customers to access their banking details or profile, although they have to link the apps before they can use them.

To retrieve your BVN using the mobile app;

  • First, download your bank’s mobile app. An Android User will get it on the play store, while an iPhone User will get it on the Apple Store.
  • Sign in by entering the necessary details such as account number, name, date of birth, and other required information.
  • Once you have successfully signed in, you can easily find your BVN.

This process costs you nothing, although you’ll need data to connect to the internet for this to be done.

If the BVN doesn’t appear on the menu, you can go to the account settings or use the customer service available to request your BVN.

How To Retrieve Your BVN Without Phone Number Through Internet Banking

You can take advantage of your bank’s Internet banking to retrieve your BVN without your phone number. This method is also free of charge, except for the fact that you will need an internet connection to have access to the Internet banking page. How does this work?

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All you have to do is;

  • Go to your bank’s Internet banking page on their website.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • You can always go back to check or retrieve your BVN by login into your internet banking account.

How To Retrieve Your BVN Without Phone Number Using A Different Number

For people who have a phone with no internet connection, they can use this method to retrieve their BVN. This sounds exciting, right? Here is how to do it:

  • Dial the USSD code, *565*0#
  • Follow the prompts, and you will receive the BVN number shortly.

How To Retrieve Your BVN Without Phone Number Through Visit To The Bank

If the aforementioned methods do not satisfy you, you can go to the nearest bank’s branch as soon as possible to retrieve your BVN and change the sim card number.

All you will need is,

  • A valid ID card. Either a voter’s card, national ID card, International Passport, or Driver’s license.
  • Two recent passports as these will be required of you.
  • Following the processes and your BVN will be given to you. This method is free of charge.

How To Change Your BVN Phone Number

It’s essential to change your BVN sim card number as soon as you lose it so you stand no chance of being scammed.

To change the BVN sim card number, follow the steps below;

  • Get an affidavit. Stating the number on the BVN was yours, but you have lost it and want to change it.
  • Also, get a suitable means of identification.
  • Once you have done these, you can go to the nearest branch of your bank to get the number changed.

It takes about 24 hours to receive a notification message when your new number has been linked to your BVN. You can also check by dialing the USSD code *565# on your new number.

What Are The Importance Of Having A BVN?

Below are some benefits of having a BVN.

  • It is necessary to have efficient bank operations.
  • It reduces the rate of fraud. Since the bank verification number was introduced, the rate of fraudulent activities has been reduced.
  • It is needed for major bank transactions. Your BVN is necessary for bulk transactions from your bank account.
  • To access loan products in the future. If you ever need a loan product from a bank, your BVN is one of the criteria required to give you a loan product.

Common Errors That Affect Customers’ BVN Linking To Bank Account Numbers

While it is true that the introduction of the BVN system to bank customers has significantly helped, some errors take place in the process of getting their bank Verification Number. Fortunately, precautions can be taken to avoid these errors. Below are some of those errors.

  • Having a different name on the bank account from the one on the
  • Having a different number of names on a bank account from An example is having “Alexander Graham” as the account name and “Alexander Graham Bell” as the name on BVN.
  • Wrongly spelt names. An example is “Alex Graham John” on the BVN while you have “Alexander Graham John” as the account name.

These errors make it impossible for the BVN to be linked to your account number. So be more cautious of these when you request a BVN. Ensure that all the details correspond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have 2 BVN numbers?

No, you can only have one bank verification number once you register for it, but you can retrieve it if you forget or lose your phone number.

Can I retrieve my BVN using my phone number?

Yes, you can. By dialing the USSD code *565#. This will cost you #20 only.

How can I retrieve my BVN using another phone number?

Simply check or retrieve your BVN from another number by dialing the USSD code*565*0#


We have discussed how you can retrieve your BVN without your phone number and other relevant information as regards your BVN above. We hope you found this helpful and take immediate action to recover your BVN and change the sim card number as soon as possible.

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