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Every single day technology keeps doing wonders. From our black and white televisions to plasma televisions and now it is ShowMax.

In no doubt, the entertainment industry has skyrocketed and improved in no small way, thanks to the developers of ShowMax.

In this article, we will look at what ShowMax is, how it works, its pricing, and everything you need to know about it. Be sure to keep reading as we unravel the whole thing.

What Is ShowMax?

ShowMax is a platform that offers online streaming to its users. Yes, ShowMax is an online streaming service provider. It is synonymous with Netflix.

With ShowMax you can comfortably and conveniently watch movies, sports, series, kids shows, and other related stuff from the comfort of your home provided you have access to the internet.

It is not a TV channel. ShowMax works on any device that has an internet connection like your smartphone, laptop, computer, tablets, and any other device that can access the Internet. It has been 7 years since it was launched in August 2015 in South Africa.

However, with its increasing number of users, ShowMax has swept across other African countries and even non-African countries.

How ShowMax Works And To Use ShowMax

To know how ShowMax works you must understand that ShowMax is not a TV channel rather it provides an online streaming service.

To do this, it makes provision for servers that aid its users to stream movies, series, documentaries, shows, and other entertainment activities online.

To make use of ShowMax you need to have a device that can be connected to the internet.

Furthermore, you need to subscribe to a package on ShowMax to be able to stream matches and live programs.

You can access ShowMax through the browser version (website) or the ShowMax app.

Important Features Of ShowMax You Should Know

There are amazing features of ShowMax that you need to know. Yes, these have given ShowMax the ability to go toe to toe with their competitor– Netflix.

Access To Local Channels

With the ShowMax service, you can have access to your local TV channels. However, this is solely dependent on your country.

For example, as a Nigerian, you will be able to stream NTA, AIT, and other local television channels.

Streaming Live Sports

If you are a lover of sports, ShowMax has made it easy for you to watch sports at your convenience.

You do not have to go to viewing centers before you can watch your favorite sports because ShowMax has lowered the bar.

With Showmax stream sports live with ShowMax; however, this service is only available to South Africans.

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Access To Movies

Based on your subscription, you can access movies on ShowMax both single movies and series.

You can decide to watch movies offline as well. Yes, that is one way to maximize your data. You are free to download as many as 25 movies and watch them at your convenience.

Varieties Of Profiling

There are about four types of profiles on ShowMax depending on your age.

With this awesome feature, you can control what your kids watch on ShowMax.

Yes, they would not be exposed to illicit and pornographic content. This is because each profile has a standard of content.

Data Plan

For those who reside in African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. The Data plan feature is for you.

This way, you can buy a data bundle plan from your network service provider.

Bandwidth Capping

This particular feature helps you choose the quality you want. There are about 4 qualities of content resolution.

  • The first capping which is the lowest resolution takes about 100 MB per hour. That is 2,400 MB per day.
  • The second capping is a bit lower than the first capping. This particular capping takes 300 MB per hour which is 7,200 MB per day.
  • The third capping is low but higher than the first two cappings. It takes 700 MB per hour.
  • The fourth capping has the highest resolution. And this happens when the feature (bandwidth Capping) is turned off.

The ShowMax App

The ShowMax app is like any other app on the  Play Store and Apple store. However, it is through this app that ShowMax renders its services through servers. With the ShowMax app, you can stream movies, series, documentaries, shows, and other entertaining activities online.

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The ShowMax app is highly rated. About 4.3 ratings out of 5.0.  Reviews are on a daily increase. Currently, the ShowMax app has over 118, 000 reviews, and over 10, 000, 000 downloads. To crown it all, you only need about 19 MB to download the app. What is the next step?

Of course, the next step is to open your Play Store or Apple store and download this highly rated app. Then, proceed to create an account on the platform.

How To Create An Account On ShowMax

You can either create your account through the app or the browser version (website). Whichever works best for you, follow the steps below to create your account.

Launch the app and then click the signup option.

Once you click on the signup option, you will be taken to a new page where you input your details to create a new account.

Put in your email address or your phone number and then secure your account with an active password.

Choose a subscription plan. ShowMax is not a charity platform. You need to subscribe to a data plan to be able to enjoy their services. Once you have selected your subscription plan, make payment. Your account is created!

If you are also struggling with logging into your account, check the next heading to know how to log into your ShowMax account.

How To Login Into Your ShowMax Account

You can log in to your ShowMax account either through the website or the app.

All you need to do is to input your details and click “sign in” and the home page of ShowMax will be shown.

ShowMax Pro

ShowMax Pro is a higher version of ShowMax just like we have DStv premium.

ShowMax Pro allows you to stream all the content at the same time, unlike the normal ShowMax. That is streaming of sports, movies, live programs, supersport,s, and other content.

However, there is no free trial on ShowMax Pr,o, unlike the normal ShowMax which has a 14days free trial.

What Channel is Showmax on DStv?

ShowMax is not a TV channel. Rather it is a platform that offers online streaming services to its users through different servers.

It is not a channel on DStv. However, those who have DStv can watch ShowMax at no cost but it is only limited to people who subscribe to people who make use of Premium DStv.

Other subscribers can watch it at a 50% Discount. So, instead of asking what channel is ShowMax on DStv, ask how to upgrade to DStv premium to enjoy free ShowMax.

How Much Is ShowMax Subscription Per Month?

ShowMax is not free. When creating your account you will be required to select your subscription plan which could be monthly, quarterly,y or yearly.ShowMax subscription per month is the same across all African countries. The same applies to-African countries.

For African countries, ShowMax monthly subscription plan is USD 2.99 and USD 4.49.  To convert to your country’s currency, check the worth of US Dollars against yours.

How Much Is ShowMax Subscription In Nigeria?

For African countries, the ShowMax subscription package is USD 2. 99 which is around NGN 2, 900 in Nigeria’s currency.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Whether you are visiting the app or not you will be charged provided your account is linked to your credit card.

The best measure to be taken regarding making optimal use of your subscription is to cancel your subscription.

To do this, go to the app and click on “manage my account, go to “cancel my subscription” and do the needful.

Once you are done canceling your subscription, you won’t be charged again until you link your credit card to your account.

How Many Users Can Use A ShowMax Account?

A ShowMax account can be registered with up to five devices; however, only two screens are allowed to stream that subscription package.

How Many Profiles Can I Add To My ShowMax Account?

ShowMax made provision for 4 profiles. This is useful when two people are streaming using the same account.

Again, you can control what your kids watch by setting up their profiles to control what they watch. This is possible because each profile has its watchlist.

How To Add More Profiles To Your Account

To Add more profiles to your account do the following;

Go to your account and click on “add profiles”

You will be directed to a list of the available profiles.

Click on the one you want and you have added a profile to your account.

How To Add ShowMax To Your DStv

To add ShowMax to your DStv follow the steps below;

  • Launch your DStv app and login into your account.
  • Click on “MyDStv”
  • Select “My Products”
  • Tap on the ShowMax icon and accept the quotation (terms and conditions).
  • Proceed to “Finish my ShowMax setup” and you are done!

Note: You only access ShowMax for free if you use ShowMax Premium and a 50% discount if you use other packages like a compact.

Is There Free ShowMax?

There’s no free ShowMax apart from the 14 days trial on the normal ShowMax; which you can only enjoy when you have paid for your selected package.


ShowMax is an amazing platform just like Netflix. With ShowMax, you can stream your favorite videos, live programs, documentaries, and live sports online without having to bother about viewing centers. Sign up today and enjoy premium content!