Zenith Bank virtual card

Are you wondering how you can get your Zenith Bank virtual card? In a digital world like ours, not every bank customer goes to the bank to obtain an ATM card when they can just sit at home, register online, and get a virtual card.

You don’t have to go to the bank to take a virtual card, nor does it need to be delivered. Once you register and get verified, it becomes accessible to you.

Zenith Bank is developing into a more technologically advanced bank in Nigeria and globally as an institution that provides financial services.

Since its establishment, it has become one of Africa’s biggest financial institutions. This article will cover everything you need to know about Zenith bank virtual cards. Continue reading to know more!

Overview Of Zenith Bank Virtual Card

The Zenith Bank virtual card is a card for payment of transactions online— it’s a way of paying without using actual money that is a cashless transaction. The card uses Visa technology and works just like a regular debit or credit Visa card.

The good thing is that you don’t have to pass through any stress before signing up for this card using the Zenith Bank Mobile app or going to the bank yourself. After you successfully register, add money to your wallet, and you can start using it without transaction fees.

Whenever you want to use your virtual card for any transactions, always choose a Visa when you are asked to choose a payment method. You get to earn reward points each time you use your Zenith bank virtual card for transactions online which can be exchanged for shopping discounts at merchant stores like ShopRite and others— to save money.

With your virtual card, you only need your phone and the card information saved on your device. Finally, you don’t have to worry about security because all your transactions are monitored by the bank’s secure fraud monitoring system 24/7.

How Can I Get My Zenith Bank Virtual Card?

You can apply for your Zenith bank virtual card by using your phone in the comfort of your home. There are three (3) different ways of applying for this card, and we are going to walk you through each step;

1. Use A Code

With your phone number registered to your bank account, you can enter a code from your mobile phone using that same sim card attached to your bank account. To create your Zenith Bank virtual card, follow these instructions;


  • Dial *966*2273# and follow the on-screen instructions that will pop up to finish the process.


  • To retrieve your PAN, CVV, and card expiration date, dial *966*2273#, choose option “2,” and then follow the on-screen instructions.


  • After navigating, fill in your BVN and birthdate, validate, and finish your application.


  • To create your virtual card PIN, dial *966*2273#, choose option “3,” and then follow the on-screen instructions.


2. Apply On Zenith Bank’s Virtual Card Website

https://realtime.zenithbank.com/onlinevirtualcard. This is another means of applying for and getting your Zenith Bank virtual card. This is the main site for virtual card validation in Zenith Bank. It requires the following steps;


  • You will be asked to fill in your birthdate and Bank verification number (BVN).


  • Ensure that your date of birth matches with the one on your BVN.


  • After inputting this information, click on the confirm button at the right corner of the page to reveal the next steps to complete your registration.


  • On the next page, you will be asked to fill in your account number and then select the card type.


  • You will receive an OTP text with your bank-registered phone number; input the OTP.


  • Then click on I agree to the terms and conditions on the page.


  • Finally, create your card pin by selecting a four (4) digit number that will serve as your pin anytime you are making a transaction.


3. The Last Is The Zenith Bank Branch

You can walk into a Zenith Bank branch in your area and inform them you are interested in the virtual card. You will be given a form to fill out, input all correct details, and submit it to customer support.

Ask questions about anything you need clarification during the application process.

Features And Advantages Of Zenith Bank Virtual Card

  • Different from a typical card, it can never be lost or stolen. Managing a debit card for internet purchases may be done in the safest, most portable method possible.


  • It is highly secure; you don’t have to be scared of your virtual card getting hacked by scammers.
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  • Another interesting thing about the Zenith Bank virtual card is that you can use it to make international payments within the country.


  • You can use this card sitting pretty at home— top off your Gotv, Startimes, and DStv subscriptions from home.


  • Sorting your bills becomes simpler without anybody knowing when you activate your virtual card— cash becomes available anytime.

What Are The Requirements For Obtaining A Zenith Bank Virtual Card?

There is certain information you need to have before being able to obtain your Zenith bank virtual card successfully; they are as follows;

  • You must have a functioning bank account with Zenith Bank.
  • You must have signed up for internet banking with Zenith Bank.
  • You need a valid BVN, phone number, and other things.
  • You have signed up and are using the Zenith Bank USSD code.

Who Is Eligible For The Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Below are categories of people who are eligible to obtain the Zenith Bank virtual card;

  • People who shop online want a safe payment option at all times and security against unlawful money fraud.


  • People who want to access the digital wallet prefer to use the contactless payment method.


  • People who travel regularly and are looking for the safest payment method to use internationally.


  • People prefer an online card rather than carrying a physical one all around.


  • People who seek security and love to keep everything in a more understanding way– by separating their online transactions from their main bank account.


  • People who love the convenience that comes with handling their finances online as well as keeping tabs on their online spending.


  • People will love to benefit from special promos, offers, and prizes given to Zenith Bank virtual card users.


  • Those who desire the ease of obtaining a virtual card from the comfort of their home instead of going to the bank to get a physical one.


  • Those who are always a victim of losing their physical bank card desire an extra measure of security.

How To Fill The Zenith Bank Virtual Card Form

Follow the steps below to fill your Zenith Bank virtual card form correctly;

  • Visit their websites or a physical bank to get a firm to fill. You can also use the Zenith bank app or a USSD code.


  • If using the app, enter your username, name, and password to access your account.


  • Look for the “Card” option or the virtual card application area. Click on it when you see it.


  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions; you will see where it says to write your name, address, and phone number. Input all the required details.


  • Decide what virtual card you want, such as a digital wallet or others, then click on it.


  • You will be asked to provide other forms of information— like about your place of employment, which you must do.


  • After all this, check every information you have provided to ensure they are correct.


  • Then, accept the terms and conditions regarding the application of the virtual card.


  • Finally, click the submit option, and you are done with the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Zenith Bank Virtual Card Work?

The Zenith Bank virtual card is powered by Visa technology. It’s the online version of the Zenith Bank credit and debit card— it works just like the physical debit and credit card, but it’s only used online. The card is free from any Zenith bank branch or through an online application. Let’s see how you can use the card and the daily limit.

How To Use Zenith Virtual Card

Zenith virtual cards are used for virtual payment— payment is made online or over the phone, which does require a physical exchange of cash or cheque payment. You only need your generated card details to complete a transaction: the card number— CVV number, and expiry date.


After you use the numbers to pay, they will stop working, making it impossible to access your accounts or link them back to your company. This is a top security and preventive measure to prevent hackers from using the generated numbers to access your account.


A Virtual payment can simplify the payment process, cut down on bills, and promote trust and a good financial relationship between you and whosoever you are doing business with.

Zenith Bank Virtual Card Limit

The Zenith Bank virtual card has a daily limit of #50,000 and $200 for international transactions. But these figures solely rely on the customer’s preference and type of account– savings, current. Also, the type of virtual card you use— prepaid card, wallet.


You can get more information regarding the Zenith Bank virtual card from your bank website or by contacting customer service. And you can change them using your bank app or going to the bank.

What Is A Virtual Card?

A virtual card is a digital representation of a physical payment card. It typically consists of a card number, expiration date, and security code, and is used for online transactions. Virtual cards provide added security by allowing users to create temporary or single-use card numbers, reducing the risk of fraud.

How do I reset my Zenith Bank token?

To reset your Zenith Bank hardware token PIN, you have two options. First, contact ZenithDirect at 234-1-2787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK. Select Option 4 to connect with an executive who can assist you with the reset process.



The Zenith Bank virtual card offers a quick and safe solution to online transactions— from paying for online purchases to managing subscriptions. This is why people opt for the Zenith Bank virtual card.

In addition, the application process is easy to go through and offers top-notch security. I hope you find the above information useful. Thanks for reading!