How to Check Voters Card Id in Nigeria

The voter’s card ID is one of the most essential details on the voter’s card. If you find yourself reading this article, we believe that you want to know how to check your voter’s card ID number, and we will walk you through the step-by-step process of checking and getting your voter card ID in Nigeria.

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How To Check Your Voter’s Card Registration Status

Checking the status of voters’ cards is very important, especially as the election draws near. Here are detailed ways to check your voter’s card status.

  • Via polling units
  • Via via SMS
  • Via Online

How To Check Your Voter’s Card Registration Status Via Polling Unit

You can get to know the status of your permanent voter’s card by simply visiting any of the polling units that are near. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) always releases the list of reviewed voters.

How To Check Your Voters Card Registration Status Via SMS

Another way to check your card status is by sending a text message. Ensure that you have enough airtime on your phone before trying this method. Below is how to check your voter’s card registration via SMS;

  • Open your message box
  • Type in your name, state of origin, and the last five digits of your Voter’s Identification Number (VIN)
  • Within five minutes of sending the message, you will receive a message with full profile details.
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How To Check Voter’s Card Registration Status Online

This method requires an internet connection, and it is only for smartphones and not small phones. To utilize this method, kindly visit the official portal of INEC, enter your details, and then wait patiently for the results.

How To Check Voter’s Card ID In Nigeria

The voter’s card ID contains a mix of numbers and letters. Before you can check your voter’s card ID in Nigeria, ensure that you have either the temporary voter’s card or the permanent voter’s card.

The permanent voter’s card (PVC) is issued upon presentation of the temporary card. However, the card ID number is always on both cards. Here is how to check your voter’s card ID number;

  • Get your voter’s card
  • Take a look at the upper left-hand side of the card.
  • You will see an inscription “VIN”
  • Beside the VIN is the voter’s card ID number. As we noted earlier, it is a mixture of letters and numbers.

You can also check your voter’s card ID by visiting the INEC’s official website. Enter your details and initiate the search process.

How To Get Your Voter’s Card ID Number In Nigeria

Before you can think of getting your card ID, you must have either a temporary voter’s card or a permanent voter’s card.

To obtain the permanent voter’s card (PVC), you must present your temporary voter’s card, and to get a temporary voter’s card, your details must be registered with INEC in any of its offices.

Your voter’s card ID number is just at the upper left hand of your voter’s card.


You can check your voter’s card ID number in Nigeria by looking at the upper left side of your voter’s card (permanent or temporary) or navigating the INEC website with your details.

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