The overwhelming unemployment rate in the country, especially among the youth, has forced the government to make the TIES loan available for undergraduates and graduates across the country.

This loan is specifically for Nigerian graduates and undergraduates in the country to help them birth their business ideas, grow their existing businesses, and expand their businesses.

In this article, we will discuss how to apply for this loan, the requirements for application, and most significantly, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions, stay tuned and pay close attention.

Overview of TIES Loan

TIES is an acronym for Tertiary Institution Entrepreneurship Scheme. This platform was created to give loans to Nigerian graduates and undergraduates who wish to start a business, scale a business or expand the business.

The Central Bank of Nigeria introduced the loan scheme in 2021 with one sole aim, and that is to help graduates and undergraduates who need capital to start a business. This loan was established to help reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

TIES loan platform aims to shift the graduates and undergraduates of the country away from white-collar jobs to start embracing entrepreneurship, thereby creating jobs for themselves and others which will ultimately help in the overall country’s development.

This is a collateral-free loan, and just a year of its inception, it has helped many Nigerian graduates and undergraduates to start and grow their desired businesses. We will discuss extensively how to apply and get your loan approved. Stay tuned.

How To Apply For The TIES loan

To quickly apply for the TIES loan and get approved immediately, you need to follow the following instructions below;

  • The first thing you need to do is to follow the link below to their website; https://cbnties.com.ng
  • The next thing you need to do after the website has opened is to click on the “apply now icon.”
  • Afterward, you must input the correct information and details in your registration form. This is very important; any incorrect details, when detected, will automatically disqualify your loan application process.
  • During the application process, you will be asked to provide some of the essential documents that are needed for the application process; make sure you give every document that is requested correctly, as all documents requested by this platform are crucial.

Businesses that are eligible for the TIES Loan

The set of people eligible for this TIES loan are only those with either university or a polytechnic college degree, but you must be a citizen of Nigeria.

In addition to this, the government gives more preference to entrepreneurial businesses that can create jobs and other opportunities for different Nigerian students.

This means that when applying for a loan, your reason for the application should be more entrepreneurship. Not all businesses are eligible for this loan, few qualify for the loan, and some of them are;

  • Agricultural businesses include the planting of agricultural produce, processing, storage, as well as marketing and logistics.
  • Information technology businesses can include software application development, data management, artificial intelligence, and companies that involve computer and computer hardware.
  • Creative industry, which includes entertainment, publishing of books, journals, and newspapers, artworks, event management, fashion, beauty and cosmetics, and other art-related fields of endeavors.
  • Science and Technology, which includes medical Innovation and changes, ticketing systems, renewable energy, traffic systems, and waste management.

So if your business belongs to any of the categories mentioned above, you can apply for that TIES loan as a graduate and undergraduate of any Nigerian institution.

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Documents Needed For TIES Loan Application

To apply for a TIES loan and get approved, you need to provide all the needed and required documents ultimately. Some of the necessary documents include the following;

  • A guest degree certificate to show that you’re a Nigerian graduate. It can be a BSc certificate or HND.
  • A National youth service certificate to show you did your youth service or an exemption certificate, if any.
  • A certificate of participation from your University or polytechnic that will validate the proof of your Entrepreneurship training.
  • Your statement of income, statement of affairs, as well as cash flow projections for start-ups and different businesses that are not more than three years of operations.
  • A well-detailed business plan, financial plan, and how you intend to use the loan to fund your business effectively. The business plan is one of the most important requirements you will be asked about; make sure it is a well-detailed and feasible business plan.
  • It would be best if you were not over seven years post-NYSC.
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Maximum and Minimum Amount Of Loan you can Obtain from TIES

The maximum and minimum amount of loan you can access on this platform depends on your level.

There are two categories and levels of loan you can apply to, and these categories determine the maximum and minimum amount of loan you can obtain from the platform they are;

  • Tier 1, which is equally called individual project
  • Tier 2, which is similarly called partnership project

Tier 1

This is the first level of loan you will find on this platform; this loan is for individuals and individual businesses, the maximum amount of loan under this level is 5 million naira, and the minimum amount of loan under this level is N100,000.

When you obtain this level of a loan under the TIES loan platform, the maximum tenure of the loan is five years; before or by the end of the five years, you’re expected to pay back the loan and the interest as agreed.

Tier 2

This is the second loan level on the TIES loan place, this loan is equally called a partnership loan or company loan, and the minimum number of partners is five; below this, the loan application will not be accepted.

In addition, the maximum loan amount under this platform is N25 million, and the tenor of the loan is five years. However, you should know that when borrowing such a huge amount of money, terms and conditions are usually applied.

Interest Rate For TIES Loan

The interest rate of this loan, irrespective of the level you apply with, is 5% from now to February 2023, but it will be increased to 9% from march 2023; the loan application is still ongoing; you can rush now and apply for the loan.

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How To Contact TIES

There are several ways to contact this loan platform, but we will be listing the two most important, effective, and fastest ways to reach this platform, and they will respond to you almost immediately. The two most effective ways are;

  • Though a direct contact link which is https://cbnties.com.ng
  • Or through their official website, which is cbnties.com.ng

when you reach out to them through any of the means above, they will respond as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TIES Loan Real?

Yes, the TIES loan is genuine; it’s an acronym for Tertiary Institution Entrepreneurship Scheme, which was launched by the federal government under the board of the central bank of Nigeria, with one sole some of helping Nigerian graduates and undergraduates to obtain a loan to help them start their business or scale up their businesses.

This loan body was established in 2021, and since then, they have offered loan services to many Nigerian students and undergraduates. So feel free to apply for this loan; it is still ongoing.

How long does it take for the loan application process to be approved?

The loan application process is done online, and it doesn’t take much time for your loan to be approved if you meet all the eligibility requirements.

On average, it takes about a month or two after the closure of registration for your loan application to be approved, although sometimes it can be less.

What are some of the needed documents for the application of this loan?

We have extensively covered that aspect in this article; feel free to go through the article again to understand better. Remember to provide all the needed documents before your loan application is approved.


We have listed the three steps to apply for a TIES loan with ease.

We are confident that this article was of great help to you. Do you have any questions about this loan? Feel free to ask in the comments section. We will respond swiftly.