How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo Network

Glo is one of the popular telecommunication network providers in Nigeria. Since it emerged in the communication market, it gathered thousands of users nationwide.

Most of the Glo subscribers have their auto-renewal activated and also wish to cancel or deactivate it. If you are on this page, we firmly believe that you are here to know how to stop your auto-renewal on Glo.

In that light, we urge you to read this comprehensive article carefully. We will also conclude by answering some of the frequently asked questions. Read on!

Overview Of Auto Renewal On Glo

Auto-renewal on Glo is a service rendered to Glo users by Glo. As the name implies, it enables the users to renew their data bundle plans on expiration or exhaustion automatically, provided that there is enough airtime on the Glo line.

However, despite auto-renewal being pleasing and time-saving, most users complain about having their data plans renewed even when they do not want. At the same time, others complain about unnecessary deductions from their main Glo account balance.

This is why we have researched and compiled this article to help you stop the auto-renewal feature without stress. Keep reading!

How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Glo Network

There are ways to stop auto-renewal on your Glo line, but we will focus on three main methods. These methods are less stressful and consume little time.

If you want to cancel auto-renewal on Glo, here is how to do it ;

  • Through USSD code
  • Through SMS
  • Through Online

Follow us closely as we explain each method.

How To Stop Auto Renewal On Glo Through USSD Code

One of the ways to stop auto-renewal on Glo is to dial the USSD code. By dialing the code and following the prompt, you deactivate the subscription. Here is a guide to that;

  • Go to your phone call log bar.
  • Dial77#
  • A list of options will be shown
  • We advise that you carefully follow the prompt
  • You will receive an SMS or (and) notification showing that you have canceled the auto-renewal subscription.
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How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Glo Through SMS

You can as well cancel auto-renewal on Glo by sending an SMS. Follow the steps below to achieve that;

  • Go to your message box
  • Type CANCEL and
  • Send it to 127
  • You will receive an SMS showing your subscription won’t be automatically renewed.

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Glo Through Online

This is another method that most Glo users prefer. To apply this method, here is what to do;

  • Go to the official website of Glo
  • Click on “Sign In” to register
  • After registering, login with your details
  • Go to the menu feature
  • Choose My Account
  • Proceed to unsubscribe from auto-renewal.

You can also perform this with the Glo mobile app.

Can I Cancel Auto-Renewal On Glo Through Customer Service?

Yes, you can. Feel free to contact Glo customer service through any of the following channels;

  • Prepaid telephone numbers: 121 (subscribers)/ +2348050020121 (other networks)
  • Postpaid telephone numbers: 200 (subscribers)/ +2348050020200 (other networks)
  • Email address:
  • Instagram: @globacomlimited
  • Facebook: @GloWorld

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my Glo plan?

You can cancel your Glo plan by simply dialing *777# and following the prompts, sending CANCEL to 127, or through the Glo mobile app.

What is the code to cancel auto-renew on Glo?

To cancel auto-renew on Glo, quickly dial *777# and follow the prompts.

How do I cancel my Glo subscription?

To cancel your Glo subscription, do any of the following;

  • Dial *777# and follow the prompts
  • Send CANCEL to 127
  • Or navigate through the Glo mobile app.

How do I stop Glo from deducting my credit?

To stop Glo from deducting your credit, ensure you have canceled or deactivated the auto-renewal feature on your Glo line.

Secondly, if you owe Glo due to borrowed data or credit, ensure you repay it as soon as possible to avoid embarrassing deductions from your main account balance.

Does Glo work in the USA?

Yes, Glo works outside the country through its roaming services.


Canceling auto-renewal on Glo will help you maximize your credit and avoid deductions. You can do that through the USSD code *777#, sending CANCEL to 127 or online.

We believe that you can comfortably stop auto-renewal on Glo. Choose any of the methods discussed and deactivate immediately.

Meanwhile, if you still have questions about this topic, feel free to ask. We are in the comments section.