how to convert airtime to cash and data in nigeria

10 best websites and apps to convert airtime and data to cash in Nigeria 2023. If you are looking for the best platforms to convert airtime to cash then this is precisely the article you need.

We understand perfectly how awkward that moment is when you buy an excess recharge card or mobile data from your bank account and do not know what to do about it. Imagine buying N20, 000 airtime instead of N2,000. That could be frustrating.

The truth is, it can be frustrating especially when you are sure there is nothing to do with the excess airtime. In fact, in the past, people tended to look for who would sell the excess airtime.

Moreover, it is very difficult to find someone to sell that airtime to, and sometimes, you have no option but to sell below the price just to recover even if it is 80% of your money.

How about now? The reverse is the case. This is simply because numerous apps and websites are helping tremendously to convert airtime to cash. Be sure to keep reading as we list them.

List of Websites and Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

As we noted earlier, there are numerous platforms converting airtime to cash. This means you do not have to panic when you mistakenly buy excess airtime.

All you have to do is to head to any of the platforms below. Mind you, these platforms are verified and are the best websites and apps to convert your airtime to cash. They are;

  1. Prestmit
  2. Airtimefllip
  3. Aimtoget
  4. Zoranga
  5. Glover
  6. Recharge2Cash
  7. Eazymobile
  8. Modelc
  9. Ipayairtime
  10. GoSub

Stay tuned and pay close attention as we carefully discuss each platform. Meanwhile, our team of researchers has done thorough research on each app and website and we can boldly say that they are reliable and verified.


The first platform that converts airtime to cash in our list is Prestmit. You can seamlessly convert your airtime to cash with the Prestmit mobile app.

You do not need to start looking for buyers who may pay you below the actual amount or value for your airtime. With Prestmit, selling your airtime on any network comes something not to worry about. In addition, you do not have to pay any dime for the conversion.

Also, Prestmit extends its services to provide its users with opportunities to trade crypto and gift cards. Above all, you can buy data, anytime and also pay your utility bills with Prestmit.

You do out need to worry about the safety of your transactions as they are 100 percent safe with Prestmit, you can download the app from your IOS or android.


The next platform offering people the opportunity to convert airtime to cash is Airtimefllip. This platform is one of the best Platforms and has gathered reviews from different users in the country with most of its transactions automated.

However, the ability to convert airtime to cash on this platform depends to a great extent on the telecommunications network. On this platform, MTN seems to be the most affordable network. You can download this awesome app on Google Play Store.


Aimtoget is another great app that helps you convert your airtime to cash. Do not stress yourself about getting people to buy recharge cards from you. Just head to Aimtoget and you have it sorted out.

On every airtime, Aimtoget takes a 25% commission while the seller receives 75%. In converting an N1000 airtime, you (the seller) make the N750, while Aimtoget takes N250 from the conversion.

Aside from airtime conversion, you may also pay your utility bills, buy data bundles, send and receive money, and also purchase airtime.

Conclusively, Aimtoget has made it simple for companies and individuals to make payments using airtime on their websites. Aimtoget has both a website and mobile apps. However, their mobile app is better for airtime conversion. You can download it from the Google Play Store.


Zoranga is one of the best apps providing the service of airtime conversion and other related services. With Zoranga merchants can receive airtime payment and also convert airtime to cash.

This very platform supports both mobile apps and websites. You can download the app from your Google Play Store or head straight to their website.

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Glover is another excellent and fast platform to convert your airtime to cash. Do not go about looking for who to underpay you when there is Glover.

With a function, you can simply convert your airtime to cash on Glover. The amazing part of it is that this platform offers one of the best rates.

This sets it apart from others. Just a 20% on every airtime. This means, if the amount of airtime is N1,000, you only get to N800 while Glover takes N200.

You can convert airtime to cash on Glover either through their website or mobile app. For the app, head to your Google Play Store, search for it, download it, and enjoy premium services.

5 Best Apps To Convert Data To Cash in Nigeria


We can not list the best apps and websites to convert airtime to cash without mentioning Recharge2Cash.

They purchase airtime in large quantities hence, allowing companies and individuals to flip their airtime, make and receive payment with airtime and also buy data bundles.

The steps to converting airtime to cash on this platform are easy and the app’s interface is very easy to navigate. You can download this app from your Google Play Store.


Eazymobile is the next platform in line. This app offers seamless airtime flipping.

With eazymobile you can do the following;

  • Convert airtime for cash
  • Buy and sell bitcoin.
  • Update your electricity bill.
  • Pay for your TV subscription.
  • Buy airtime and data.

The process involved in selling your airtime is very simple and not more than five simple steps. I

However, Eazymobile’s airtime flipping rate is hinged on market rates. Do not worry about overcharging.

Above all, Eazymobile allows you to send bulk SMS to your friends and family, and you can navigate through this feature on your dashboard.

Simply download the app from Google Play Store or head to their website.


Modelc is another excellent platform you can flip your airtime to cash without hitches anywhere.


It does not stop there, you can also pay bills, and buy and sell Bitcoin on this platform too. Yes, you can also subscribe for data bundles on this platform.


Amazingly, you stand a chance to earn about N5750 if you refer anyone to the platform. This is an opportunity to earn money and if you are serious about it, you can turn it into a side hustle and make not less than N30, 000 by just referring people.


It is very wrong to list the giants in airtime conversion without ipayairtime. Like other platforms we discussed earlier, this platform offers quick and excellent airtime conversion services to merchants and individuals.

You can make payments with airtime, and pay your bills through your websites (they provide API).

Also, by providing API, we can see that ipayairtime supports businesses. It is worth noting that they charge 18% on any MTN deposit made and no registration fee.

You can either download the app from Google Play Store on your android phone, IOS, or their website. However, we advise you make use of the app as it facilitates faster and easier transactions.


The 10th platform on our list is GoSub. This platform made it to our list because of how fast and pride they take to convert airtime to cash.

You also stand a chance to receive compensation for being a regular customer in converting airtime to cash on their platform.

In addition, you can also make bill payments and buy data bundles on the GoSub website.

Other Platforms

Aside from the platforms, we listed above below are other reliable platforms;

  • Cheetahpay
  • Patricia
  • Airtimedata hub.
  • VTUCash

Can I Convert My Airtime To Cash?

The answer is capital YES. You can convert your airtime to cash with any of the Platforms we listed above. We recommend Aimtoget because we have close relationship with them.


We have outlined the best 10 platforms to convert airtime to cash. Do not panic when you mistakenly ver-recharge from your bank or go about looking for who to buy the excess airtime from you. Simply search for any of the platforms we listed and flip your airtime to cash.

Mind you, some offer free service, some charge a certain percentage while most of them offer other services like buying and selling Bitcoin and even gift cards.

We are confident that this article was helpful. Do you have any questions? Kindly ask in the comments section. We shall respond swiftly!