How to Unshare Data on MTN

Knowing the step-by-step process or code to unshare data on MTN has been one of the desires of many MTN subscribers. A lot of people have surfed the internet asking “How can I unshare data on my MTN line?” or “How do I know if someone is sharing my data with me?”

If you are asking any of these questions, then we advise that you take your time and read this article carefully as we give answers to these mind-boggling questions. Read on!

Is MTN Share N Sell For Data Sharing Or The Same With It?

To clear the confusion, it is pertinent to explain what data sharing entails in this context.

Data sharing means having your data bundle plan shared with people. This means that if you have 20 GB of data, you can add two or more people to share the 20 GB data with you.

Data transferring, on the other hand, entails sending data from your data balance to people. For example, if you have 20 GB, you can transfer 5 GB to someone.

From the above explanation, we can see that data sharing involves two or more people using a single data plan, while data transferring is sending a particular amount of data from your data bundle to others.

That said, is MTN Share n Sell for data sharing? The answer is simply NO. You can only transfer and sell your excess data with MTN Share n Sell.

How To Unshare Data On MTN

This is the most exciting part of this article. We have taken our time to debunk the lies that MTN Share n Sell is for data “sharing.”

It is high time we let the cat out of the bag! Unlike other networks like Glo, MTN technically does not allow its customers to share data.

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This tells us that there is no specific way to unshare data on MTN since there is no service like that.

However, some people have dialed a lot of codes to either unshare data or know if anyone is sharing their data. We know that at this point, you may be prompted to stop reading. But we advise you to read the next heading to grab the memo!

Code To Unshare Data On MTN

There are no codes to unshare data on MTN! Stop wasting your airtime and time on fruitless ventures. Instead, if you want to maximize your data bundle, we encourage you to minimize transferring data as gifts to people!

How To Know If Someone Is Sharing Your MTN Data

No one is sharing your data with you, and there is no code or SMS designated to help you know if anyone is sharing your data with you.

This is simply because MTN does not allow data sharing! Do not bother yourself by dialing any code or sending an SMS. All are fake, and your efforts will be all to no avail!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop MTN data sharing?

You can only transfer or gift your data to other MTN users, but you can not stop MTN data sharing as MTN does not allow sharing of data bundles.

How do I remove someone from sharing my data on MTN?

Even if you dial *131# or other codes, the truth is you can not add someone to share your data talk about removing anyone. MTN does not support data sharing!

How do I activate MTN data sharing?

There is no known code or procedure to activate MTN data sharing. This is because MTN does not allow data sharing. Instead, you can transfer data as gifts.

How long does gifted data last?

The question of how long gifted data lasts depends heavily on the amount of the gifted data. The bigger the data, the longer it lasts. However, most of the gifted data lasts for 30 days.


MTN Share n Sell does not allow sharing. Instead, it is for data transfer which can also be sold. Remember that there is no process or code to unshare data on MTN or know who is sharing your MTN data with you, as MTN does not support or allow data sharing in the first place.

Hence, please resist the urge to dial any code or send any SMS as it does not work. Do you have questions? Ask us in the comments section!